Dream of: 29 May 2019 "Making Progress"

I have found an abundance of kernels of corn. Something like paint - only not exactly - has been poured over the kernels and has adhered to them. I can see that the paint-like substance has dried and that peeling it back to reach the kernels of corn might now be possible. Knowing that some squirrels are in the area, I lay the lump of the corn on the windshield of my car, stand back, and watch a squirrel approach the lump and start peeling back the dried, dark blue, paint-like substance to reach the yellow kernels.

The progress of the squirrel is slow, and I need to board my car. I walk away for a while and wonder if the squirrels will eat the corn. When I return to the car, and see that the squirrels have peeled back the substance and have eaten quite a bit of the corn. I say, "Oh, shit, yea. Those boys are making progress."

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