Dream of: 28 May 2019 "Pleasing God"

With someone else, I am visiting a church which I do not regularly attend. The preacher - who knows me - starts talking. He had planned on seeing me here today. He wants me to write a little description of what I want to achieve in life. He hands me something which looks like a large, paper calendar with big boxes for each day of the month. I see some handwriting already in some of the boxes. The preacher sends me into a room off to the side to write down what I think.

I do not like doing this, but I go along with the preacher and I walk into the adjoining room. After I sit down and think about what I want to accomplish in my life, I look at what some of the other people have written on the calendar. I see the word "God" and I think some people have written something about God. I think I will also probably say something about God, like "living right in the eyes of God." I conclude that I should write something about "pleasing God."

After thinking about it, I conclude that it might be better to use the word "Lord" instead of the word "God" when I write my description.

I see another piece of paper lying here, and I think I will first write on the paper what I want to say before I write it on calendar. I do not want to write something on the calendar and then scratch it out. I see that no one else has done that.

I notice that another calendar with boxes is on the back side of the calendar. The front side is almost full of writing, but only the left side of back side is full. I think I will stick my writing in the lower-right box of the back side.

I sit and think for quite a while. When I continue looking over what is already written on the calendar, I notice that some of the writing is in German, and I wonder who in the congregation wrote in German.

After a while longer, I wonder if the fellow forgot about me. I even wonder what it would be like if he were to dismiss everyone from the church service, and if everyone were to then go home. I have an image of the fellow then remembering that he left me alone in the room. I do not think, however, that this will happen, and I think that he will show back up.

Finally, however, I start to imagine that I am not even the person who is sitting here waiting in this room. Instead, I am thinking about someone else who is sitting in the room and waiting. The man sitting here is missing his right foot, and now that he has written the little essay, he starts thinking about his missing foot. At present, bandages cover the area where the foot is missing, but the man thinks that he may take off his bandages when he leaves and walk out with the uncovered stump at the end of his leg. I then have an image of the man walking out of the building with his stump uncovered.

Commentary of 01 June 2019

Now this dream has me wondering if "pleasing the Lord" is the goal of my life.

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