Dream of: 23 May 2019 "Distinct Memories"

I am thinking about taking my mother (1931-2014) out for dinner. Then I think we might come home after dinner and I might have sex with her. She is extremely alluring to me. She does not seem older than I. I am only thinking about her in my thoughts. She has a youthful quality, even though I think she is actually rather old. I have distinct memories of her in the past and of our going to bed together and being naked in bed together. I remember holding her, clutching her breasts, and putting my hand between her legs. I can even see her coal black pubic hairs. Nevertheless, I think I have never actually had sex with her. Tonight, I think I may have sex with her for the first time.

These memories puzzle me. I am having such distinct memories, but I am unsure that the memories are real. I am unsure that I have ever actually had sexual contact with my mother. Although the memories seem real, I question them.

Commentary of 28 May 2019

Most dream enthusiasts will recognize the name "Oedipus" from our old friend doctor Freud. When Oedipus realized what he had done, he put out his eyes. Blinding oneself because of one's trangressions definitely seems too extreme to me. After all, Oedipus was not even aware that he was transgressing even as he was transgressing.

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