Dream of: 22 May 2019 "Porcelain Duck"

I am on the second floor of the Gallia County Farmhouse. I am in the room which overlooks the front of the House. When I think I hear a sound outside, I walk over to the window, and I see an animal which is between the double panes. I recall that I had earlier taken off the top, outside panel. Apparently the animal climbed over the top half of the window and is now down at the bottom between the inside and outside windows on the bottom half.

I finally realize that the animal is a white cat. Also sitting at the bottom between the two windows is a little, beige, porcelain dack with a bright yellow beak. I do not know how the duck came to be there, but I see clearly how the kitten has ended up between the windows.

The cat is struggling to escape, but it cannot achieve any traction as it tries to climb up the sides of the windows. I think if the cat would go to the side where the wooden frame is, it could grasp onto the wood with its claws and climb out. The kitten, however, is having difficulty.

I hear a noise from another room. I walk to the next room and see one big window with a slim, little window - but the same height - next to the big window. A crack can be seen between the two windows. A big, gray cat - twice the size of the white cat - is sticking its paw between the two windows into the House. Thinking I will scare the cat away, I walk over to it. The cat immediately growls loudly, "Aaarrrwwwg!'

I am taken aback by the ferocity of the gray cat which stares at me defiantly.

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