Dream of: 19 May 2019 (2) "Daniel's DNA"

please bring me the truth

of my origin and proof

of eternal life

In front of the Hilltop Home in Portsmouth, Ohio, and at the top of the high cliff which overlooks the wide vista of the Ohio River below, is precariously perched a dilapidated, wooden building which almost seems like a house, but looks more like a shed consisting of several rooms. A portion of the building juts out over the cliff. Although entering the building seems dangerous due to its being unstable and apt to tumble down the cliff, I walk into a room which is overhanging the cliff, then peer into a small neighboring room which is also overhanging the cliff, and is pilled so high with trash that I can hardly open the door. The trash in the room is piled as high as I. Lying at the top of the trash heap is an old quilt which I remember from somewhere and I think about retrieving it, then decide against it.

A hole in the bottom of the floor of the trash-filled room appears to have been used to throw trash straight down the side of hill. The trash which has been thrown out and which has piled up along the cliff does not reach the highway which is far below. I know that the trash is on my land, but I still do not think the trash should be simply littered down the side of the hill. I kick a bit of the trash through the hole and watch it tumble down the hill. I do not like at all the idea of this trash being here and cluttering up the area.

I step back out of the room, look around me, and see an open, roofless, workarea where outside work may have been taking place. When I finally walk all the way outside of the building and look at it from the outside, I find myself in north Portsmouth, Ohio on State Route 23, the main north-south artery through town, otherwise known as Scioto Trail. I am just south of Kinney's Lane on the east side of Scioto Trail. I am looking south, and instead of looking at the dilapidated building on top of the cliff, I am looking out over a double-lot of green, mowed property toward a dilapidated, two-story, light-blue house which I own. I have been thinking of demolishing the house, but now I think I may renovate it. The house is in bad shape and definitely needs new siding, but it is in a good commercial area of town.

As I contemplate putting new siding on the house, my father (probably in his late 40s) unexpectedly shows up and walks into the house. It seems as if my father (1932-2016) has been having hard times lately. He comes back out of the second floor of the house onto a second-story porch. He is carrying two toys which I once gave to him. One is a red, metal toy with wheels which is either a train or a truck. It is 30-40 centimeters long. It is an antique and I value it. The other toy is similar in design, only it is multi-colored plastic and not as old as the metal toy. I immediately have the presentiment that my father plans to give these toys to someone, or sell them, and I do not like it.

Also standing on the porch with their backs on the railings are a couple younger, scruffy fellows (probably in their 20s). I recognize one of the fellows as Nick who used to work for my father in my father's insulation business. At some point, my father refers to the open workarea I had earlier seen in the building, and my father suggests that Nick could do welding for me there if I wanted. Apparently Nick knows how to weld.

My father does not seem mentally sharp, as if his mental abilities are diminishing. I think he is also having financial problems. When I ask him what he plans to do with the toys, he implies that he is going to give them to "Daniel." I reflect that I have heard of Daniel, who may be my father's son, and therefore, my half-brother. I do not know all the details, but apparently a woman whom my father has been dating is the mother of Daniel. I do not know how old Daniel is, but these toys look as if they were meant for a young boy perhaps 4-5 years old.

I tell my father that I do not want him to give away the toys, that the toys are antiques, and that Daniel will simply tear up the toys if he has them. I tell my father that he should simply buy a new plastic toy and that Daniel will appreciate the newer toy even more than these old toys. He can buy plastic, multi-colored trains and cars the same size as these toys. He hems and haws until I say, "I will even give you the money for it."

I am thinking that $20 should suffice. I am a little surprised by how fast my father takes me up on this offer as he tells me that I can simply write a check out of my business account. I tell him that I would simply give him cash. I am also taken aback when it sounds as if he says something about an amusement park. Apparently he is suggesting that I could pay for him, his girlfriend, and Daniel to go to an amusement park. I know that amusement parks are expensive, and I feel reluctant to shoulder such an expense, but then I think I may be liberal and pay for the amusement park.

I finally ask my father if Daniel is my brother. When I do not receive a response, I ask, "Well, do you think he's your child?"

He starts talking, "Some of them do ..."

I interrupt him, "Well, the first thing you do, is you go and get a DNA test."

Commentary of 19 May 2019

I was thinking about Daniel the prophet shortly before I went to sleep last night. I was thinking about the stories of the dreams of Nebuchadnezzar, and how that dreams in the Bible were fabrications, but how that the dreams which I actually have are real. It seems that the Bible says that God talks directly to humans in their dreams. I agree with that. I just wish I had some kind of DNA-like proof that the Bible is right on this one point.

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