Dream of: 19 May 2019 "Forgetting My Role"

I am only 7-8 years old and I am going to be in a play with another boy and a man. I am not prepared and I cannot remember any lines which I have in this play. I think I only have a minimal role, but I do not remember anything.

We all go to the theater where I wait offstage for my role to begin. I still cannot remember anything about the play or my role in it. I am nervous about acting, but I hope everything will come back to me once I am on stage.

Before I go on stage, however, the boy, the man, and I walk outside, board a little, old-fashioned car, and are driven to another theater. I now recall that this play takes place in several different theaters over the course of the evening. I still do not remember what I am going to say in the play, but at least no disaster has yet occurred, and I hope there will be no disaster before this evening is over.

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