Dream of: 18 May 2019 "Transparent Woman"

Another fellow and I are in a large room where a woman has been killing people. The room looks like a classroom and chairs are sitting around. The woman has a helper who is a young fellow. She begins pursuing yet another fellow whose name is Jeff around the room. She catches Jeff and kills him right in front of me.

The woman then starts coming toward me. When she is close, I think I have a plan whereby I will be able to hit her, but when I try to kick her a couple times, each time my foot goes right through her. I say, "Oh! She's transparent when you try to hit her."

 I suddenly realize that if I attack her, I cannot touch her, so I stop and do not do anything. A pained expression appears on her face, and I now realize that if I do not try to attack her, then she will also not be able to do anything to me. If I do not attack, she loses her power to do anything to me. After I stop trying to attack her, I turn to her young accomplice and I say, "But you're not, are you."

I realize that he is different from her and that I can hit him. He is a young fellow, just a kid. I change my tactic completely from trying to hit the woman and I start trying to hit the kid. I chase him around the room.

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