Dream of: 12 May 2019 "Wreck Of A Red Car"

I am driving fast on the highway when up ahead of me I see that a little red car has turned sideways, slid down the highway, and smashed into a concrete abutment. I put on my brakes and also start sliding sideways. As I slide past the red car, I see a man, who appears to be uninjured, climboing out of the red car.

After my car comes to a stop and I climb out, I see that a second car has also stopped close to me in the middle of the highway. Then I see a third car barrelling right toward us at a high rate of speed. I think the third car is going to smash into the second car, but the third car zooms by and barely misses the second car. I feel a tinge of anger toward the driver of the third car for going so fast and almost hitting the second car.

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