Dream of: 06 May 2019 (2) "Flying Over Black Water"

I have been away from Portsmouth, Ohio, for a while, and now I have returned. I am walking around the downtown area on Gallia Street just east of Chillicothe Street, when I notice that whole blocks of buildings have been torn down, all the way over to the old Greyhound bus station. I walk into the bus station which is gigantic. I look around, then go back out into the devastation which is outside.

I had heard that construction was going to be taking place in this area, but I had not expected it to be anything like this. I am trying to reach someplace, and I end up on Gallia Street between Chillicothe and Gay Streets. I look up Gay Street about two blocks north of Chillicothe to the spot where my father's old Gay Street House (where he lived from 1965 to 1997) should be standing, and I see that a gigantic, deep pit (at least a block wide and a couple blocks long) is between me and the House. A few people are walking around the edge of the pit and they do not seem particularly concerned about the pit, although I am sure that anyone who fell into the pit would be badly injured.

Although I am looking in the direction of the House, I cannot actually see the House, and I am uncertain whether I am headed to the House, but it seems as if I am supposed to take a test, be in a class, or something like that, in the area of the House. Since the House is on the other side of this pit, however, I can see that I am not going to make it to the appointment on time. I attempt to go around the pit, but I realize that I am simply not going to make it to the appointment. 

I look around me. Vast areas of buildings have been torn down in the apocalyptic landscape. I do see one large, old, steel mill-type factory which is still standing, but I figure that the factory will also be torn down. Apparently this area of town is going to be completely renovated.

As I try to leave, I end up climbing up one building to perhaps the tenth floor. I stand on a ledge and look out over a vast body of black water below. I think if I wanted, I could fly out over top the water. All I have to do is muster the courage to leap out and fly. I think I can do it, but I cannot seem to summon the courage to jump. I think if I crash, I will die. So I simply stand on the edge and look out over the black water.

Commentary 06 May 2019

I am glad that I at least made it to the point where I was thinking of flying.

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