Dream of: 05 May 2019 "Moving Sale"

I am moving from the House in Patriot, Ohio (the home of my maternal grandparents when I was a child) to a place around a thousand miles away. A woman who appears to be my wife (probably in her 20s she seems like an agglomeration of different women in my life) and I are having a sale today to dispose of my numerous possessions which fill this House which contains many warehouse-like rooms with metal shelves stacked to full and overflowing with my possessions. Stuff is piled everywhere, and the moving sale is taking place right now as people search through my belongings.

The woman has been in charge of organizing this event and she has probably hired as many as ten other people to help. I begin to believe that the sale is going to cost more than the revenues we receive. I think the woman is probably paying the people $7-$8 and hour, but when I ask her, she says she is paying $14.10 an hour. I surrender and say, "Well, this is going to cost more than we're going to get out of it."

I start calculating that with ten people, I will be paying $140 an hour. Other expenses are also being incurred. Besides the people whom the woman has hired, she has also hired a company to help organize the event. I think the company will receive 10 per cent of the proceeds. Although we will probably be receiving tens of thousands of dollars from the sale, we will also be paying out tens of thousands of dollars.

Not many people have showed up to buy anything at the sale, and we are not making many sales. The shelves are bulging with things. I look around and realize that I own so many things. Among other tems, I have boxes and boxes of lp record albums and comic books. I see kitchenware.

I also do not know if I can trust the people whom the woman has hired. As they collect money from the sale of items, perhaps they will keep some of the money for themselves. She has hired a couple Chinese people to be in charge of the jewelry and I can see the backs of the two Chinese as they stand in front of a bureau and pore through the jewelry on top. I think they could pick out the best piece and stick it in their pocket.

I am very unhappy with the way the sale is turning out. I know we are only going to sell a fraction of what I have here. I will have to pack up the rest and haul it in the large, moving truck which I have rented and which is sitting outside. I know that the items which are left are going to be heavy and I do not know if we are going to be able to take everything which is left over.

Around 6 pm, I realize that darkness is sitting in outside. I know that we have a little white sign for the sale stuck in the yard. I say to someone that we are in a little tiny village out in the middle of nowhere and now it is getting dark. Since I do not think anyone else is going to show up for the sale, we begin packing. We do not even have enough boxes and I think I will have to put everything in black garbage bags and start loading up the truck. Room after room and shelf after shelf is full of my belongings. I see many things which are worth quite a bit of money and which I do not want to leave behind. I am resolved to take the more valuable possessions with me, but I am beginning to see that I am going to have to abandon many things. I want to leave this place and end this whole chaotic mess as quickly as possible. We are going to load up as much as we can tonight and embark on our journey.

Commentary of 05 May 2019

Dreams could possibly be actual visits to a separate spiritual world, the same world to which our souls will move when our bodies die.

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