Dream of: 22 April 2019 (2) "Like Water For Chocolate"

I am living in a house with Carolina (my wife from 1989 to 2006) with whom I have two children. She and I have been working on something for a while, but I just do not feel like working today. I finally decide that I will take a trip by myself to the Gallia County Farm where I have not been in a while. When I tell the woman what I am going to do, she stops, walks into the living room, and turns on the television with the children. I thought that she would continue working, but apparently she is not going to do so.

I am in the kitchen and preparing to leave when I find a box for holding cassette tapes. Fifteen to twenty beige cassettes which are part of a book are in the box. I think I will take the cassettes with me and listen to them on the way to the Farm. I pull some of the cassettes out of the box, look at them, and try to figure out the name of the book. I recognize the author of the book as the author of a previous book which I once read titled, Like Water For Chocolate. I do not remember what the book was about, but I know that I once read it. I think if I could just have an idea of what the book was about, then the book would come back to my memory.

The book on cassette is another book, not Like Water For Chocolate, but by the same author.

While I am looking at the cassettes, something else, which I realize is the cassette player, falls out of the box. When I press a button on the side of the player, a door on top opens and a cassette is revealed inside the player. Then the door shuts.

I do not think the player will work right now because I figure the batteries are dead. One battery even falls out of the player. Nevertheless, even with the battery out of the player, the cassette inside the player begins to play. I think the player would work even better if I would put the battery back inside. When I start to reinsert the battery, I see a little light bulb which is out of place inside the battery compartment. After I manage to put the battery back inside the player, the cassette begins playing again. I am glad I found the player.

At the same time, I am thinking that what I really want to do is take Carolina upstairs and have sex with her. I realize that I already had sex with her twice this morning. I had not had sex with her in a long time before that - perhaps years. Yet we already had sex twice this morning. I had not even thought that I would be able to have an erection, but I was. Now I think I would like to have sex with her again. I wonder what she would think if I simply asked her to go upstairs with me. I wonder if she would be willing. I almost decide that I do not want to go to the Farm and that I only want to go upstairs with Carolina. 

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