Dream of: 19 April 2019 "The Meaning Of Ginger"

I am on the second floor of the two-story Gallia County Farmhouse. I am looking out the west window toward the hill that rises from the Farmhouse into the west. Looking straight down into the yard, I see a group of motorcycles parked below, and I realize that a gathering is taking place today here on the Farm.

A building is also right in front of me. On a balcony of the building are some teenage girls who are jostling and wrestling around with each other. I am unsure whether they are seriously disputing with each other until one of them grabs another one by the hair and pulls her back. It looks as if perhaps they are going to fight. Nothing comes of it, however, and they settle down.

I decide that I am going to go outside and see what is going on. It seems that many women are outside, and I think I may invite one of them to come inside and have a meal with me. I feel as if I am in charge of this place. Although all these people are gathered here, I am like the lord of the mansion.

I walk out onto the back porch. In front of me, on the west side of the porch, is a balcony. Perhaps a half dozen women are standing there. All are probably in their thirties, and they all look decent. I walk up to them and look them over, unsure what to say to them. I have a feeling that they are friendly, but they do not say anything. They are simply standing there.

I walk up to one of them and look her over. Then I notice a tall, black woman. She does not look bad and I think about approaching her. As I look at her, I notice something peculiar about her eyes. Her cornea and iris seem to be covered with something dark similar to a contact lens, only larger and shaped like the lens of a regular eyeglass. The lens stays in one place when she moves her eyeball underneath it. She sees me looking at her eyes and I say something about what I see. It occurs to me that this feature of her eyes is a good way to attract someone's attention to the eyes. I think about inviting her into the house, but she is not particularly interesting.

While I am standing here, I feel something tap the middle knuckle of the middle finger of my right hand, and I say, "Did someone tap me?"

A black-haired woman wearing a tight-fitting, black dress is standing on my right with her back to me. She turns around, steps up to me, and says, "I'm Ginger."

I immediately think that she is the one who tapped my finger, and I say, "Oh, I see," as I try to recall the meaning of the word "Ginger." It seems to me to mean something like, "to do something carefully."

The woman is probably around thirty years old and is absolutely beautiful. She is flawless. She has black hair which falls to her shoulders and is cut in a straight line across her back. She has a big smile on her face which reveals her perfect, pearly teeth. Her body is perfect, especially her ample breasts. Her tight, black dress which falls below her knees accentuates her beauty. She is so physically beautiful, I wonder for an instant whether she might be a prostitute. I am unsure.

I engage her in conversation. I am thinking that my next words to her will be, "Come on in, Ginger."

Commentary of 19 April 2019

Ginger clearly seems to me to represent the woman who recently dreamed about having sex with me. I think that "Ginger" is a good name for her.

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