Dream of: 17 April 2019 "Escape Of The Ant"

I have gone to the Scioto County jail to see Michelle. It is Monday morning and I hope to bail her out of jail where she has been since Friday. Something happened last week because she had not thought she would have to go to jail, but in the end, she did go to jail. So I am here sitting in the lobby area of the jail.

 I hear a voice which I recognize as Smith's (a local attorney) on the loudspeaker. He talks about how he had to do clean his aunt's house or do something with her house over the weekend. I really do not want him to see me here at the jail, to know that I am here to pick up Michelle.

As it turns out, I may be able to help Michelle leave the jail by simply walking out of the jail because she is a little, brown ant. A small group of perhaps five ants are brought out of the jail to where I can see them. Someone manages to smash some of the ants. I do not know if Michelle was in that group, but then a second small batch of ants is brought out, and four or five ants begin walking on my bare chest. One of the ants is slightly larger than the others. I think that the larger ant is Michelle. I watch her walk on my chest for a short while, then I lose track of her. I am unsure whether she has crawled into my pocket or what.

Another group of ants is supposed to be brought out, but I am concentrated on Michelle's being somewhere on my body. If only I could stand up now and walk out of here with Michelle, she might be able leave this place. I am not, however, sure where she is on my body and I fear that she may be smashed in the process of my leaving.

Commentary of 19 April 2019

The fact that a woman who reads my dreams had a dream that she was making love with me has befuddled my mind. And the fact that this same woman actually dreamed about Michelle, whom she has never met in person, also is buffudling.  

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