Dream of: 16 April 2019 "Gothic Chics"

I am in a large room which seems to be a restaurant although no tables are in the room and the center of the room is vacant like a ballroom. People seem to be sitting on benches around the periphery of the room. Everyone is dressed in dressy clothes. I see two females and a male walk in. One female has light-colored hair and the other has black. They look a bit gothic. They are wearing somber clothing and thick lipstick. I recognize them: blonde Denise and dark-haired Chris (two girls I first met when we were all teenagers). They are now probably in their late teens.

Both of them are alluring and I would like to join up with them, but I do not think that they would be interested in me. I keep my eye on them as they move to different spots around the room.

In the course of events, Denise, Chris, and I end up sitting close to each other, and Chris is sitting right in front of me. She is wearing a skirt which she allows to fall open as she spreads her legs and reveals her wide, white panties below. She scoots up so close to me that she starts grinding her white-pantied groin right into my elbow. This is fine with me.

I think that maybe Chris and I can leave and go somewhere together. I had thought I would have been with Denise if I were going to end up with one of the two, but Chris seems more interested, and she is the prettier one anyway.

Chris finally moves her head around toward my crotch which is covered by white undershorts, but no pants. As she moves her face closer to me, I think to myself, "Go ahead!"

Commentary of 16 April 2019

I did not see at first that this dream is actually focused on a particularly beautiful woman who is not even in the dream, but who is presently in my life and who recently dreamed about having sex with me.

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