Dream of: 15 April 2019 "Trump And RC"

I have been working for a while for Donald Trump, although I have never had direct contact with him. He apparently thinks I have potential and he has given me the opportunity to work for him. I do not want to fail.

I work in a large, open area with many other people at desks all around the room in the midst of much hustle and bustle. Trump has his area at one end of the room.

I have been working on a corporate issue which involves two corporations. I have a question which I have not been able to answer and I would like to ask Trump the question. I walk up to him. He is wearing a suit. I say, "Can I ask you a question?" He looks at me as if to say that I should not waste time by asking if I could ask a question, but that I should just simply ask the question.

I ask him a detailed question about an action which took place between two corporations. I immediately see that he understands what I am saying. Although he does not have the facts of this particular transaction, he understands the type of situation about which I am speaking. He starts talking to me. He is dour but seems quite capable. I am impressed by how astute and intelligent he seems to be.

As we talk, we walk out of the building. Trump has to go somewhere to take care of another corporate matter, and we end up on the ground floor in the lobby of a large office building. A large group of people is in the process of going from a room on one side of the lobby to a room on the other side of the lobby.

Trump is standing by the door of the room which the people are entering while I am still trying to talk with him about my corporate question. He is still talking with me, but at the same time he is helping the file of people move across the lobby to the other room. I think these people might be the shareholders of the corporation. It seems that a corporate action is taking place and that the name of the action is known by the acronym, "ALICE," although I am not sure what that means. Now I am curious about what is taking place here, and I begin to think this corporate action is similar to the corporate situation about which I still have a question.

I also notice that some of the people are dressed up as if they were going to a wedding. The bride and the groom can even be seen toward the end of the file. So now I am unsure exactly what is going on.

One woman (probably in her 60s) moves away from the group and heads alone toward the front door. Apparently she has decided not to take part in the business at hand here. I think maybe I can talk with her and obtain some information.

I finally understand that the business here involves the corporation "RC." I know that the corporation RC makes the soft drink beverage RC Cola. Obviously an important transaction involving the RC corporation is going to take place today. I try to find out the nature of the important transaction from the woman, but she does not tell me much. Nevertheless, as the woman and I walk outside, I start think that I could buy some RC stock.

I encounter a fellow whom I know and I mention to him my idea about buying the stock. He seems to agree that right now might be a good opportunity to purchase some RC stock. I reflect that I have never bought stock for a beverage company. I am not particularly thrilled by the idea. Nevertheless, I think that chances are very good that I could make money if I purchase the stock. I may well buy the stock.

Commentary of 15 April 2019

Concentrate more on being morally successful and less on being financially successful.

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