Dream of: 10 April 2019 "Attacked With Rocks"

I am sitting in the front seat of a car while a man who is my father is sitting asleep in the back seat. He resembles George H. W. Bush.

Two men, standing outside about thirty meters away from the front of the car, throw perhaps twenty, large, gray-white rocks - about half the size of a baseball - at the front of the car. I hold my hand up to my ear to act as if I am calling the police, even though I do not actually have my phone with me. I anticipate that one of the rocks will soon hit the window and break it. Some of the rocks do hit the window, but it does not break.

The car seems to be parked in the back yard of a house. The rock-hurlers finally make their way out of the yard and leave. My father wakes up and I start telling him what happened. I tell him the two men did not break anything, but I notice some small chips on the window, and I figure the rocks also did further damage to the outside of the car.

While I am explaining this to my father, two different men step up to the front passenger window. One of the men presses his face against the window. His face is so big that it takes up the entire window. They try to act as if they are friendly. One of them looks like Mickey Mantle, and the other also appears to be a famous baseball player. Both of them are acting friendly, but I do not think they are friendly. I say, "Who are these guys? I don't even know who these guys are."

I crawl over to the window to roll it down, but before I reach the window, I realize that I am not even in the car. I am outside the car in front of the drawers of a dark, wooden bureau such as might be found in a bedroom. Thinking that my mother (1931-2014) is nearby, I scream, "Mom!"

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