Dream of: 02 April 2019 "Octopus Apocalypse"

I am in the living room of a big, old, multi-story, frame house where a party is starting. The people seem like friends from high school as if this is a class reunion. I sit down on a comfortable couch and lie back almost as if I am on a bed. People are sitting round me in somewhat of a circle of which I make part.

It looks as if some people are smoking marijuana. I have my own joint which I smoke a little of. I do not share it with anyone. I just hang onto it myself.

A couple fellows are standing across from me on the other side of the circle. One of them has a joint which he lights up. He passes it to a second fellow next to him and I think the joint is going to be passed to me. It seems to be a different kind of weed which I would like to try and see what it is like, but the second fellow does not pass the joint to me - he just hangs onto it. I finally give up that he is going to pass it to me. I have my own joint, anyway, which I do not pass to anyone. I lie all the way back on the couch on my back while the unlit half joint which I still have is lying in a fold in some cloth on my chest.

Everybody is completely silent and no one is saying anything. It is as if they smoked a little and zoned out. Trying to think of something to say, I reflect that I have been wondering lately whether the world is getting better or worse. I wonder if something like an "apocalypse" is coming, and I start talking in this vein. No one responds and I do not even know if anyone can hear me, especially since I am not talking loud, but in a rather low voice. I make a few pithy statements about the apocalypse and try to gauge whether anyone is in agreement with me that the world may be approaching an apocalypse. As part of my vision of the coming apocalypse, I imagine the world as a watery place with the United States floating on the water. I say, "The United States is like a giant octopus."

By this I mean that the United States is like the head of an octopus which has long tentacles which can reach out all over the world, clutch other countries and drag them down. Continuing to talk, I use the word "octopi," which I pronounce with a strong "pie" sound at the end, and I think to myself that I have recently been thinking about "octopi" for some reason, but I cannot remember exactly why.

In a way, I feel something like a prophet who is prophesying. Still, no one responds to anything that I am saying.

The room has become so dark that I cannot even see the other people in here. I do not even know to whom I am talking. I turn to the person who is lying next to me on my left. It seems as if I knew who the person was when I started talking, but now I have forgotten who he or she is. I say something else in an attempt to elicit some response to what I have been saying, but still no one says anything.

Commentary of 09 April 2019

The people at the party definitely remind me of other internet dream journalists with whom I interact on social media. Those social interactions seem generally amiable enough with little concentration on weighty matters - such as the end of the world,  for example. Nevertheless, certain weighty matters in the murky depth of my prophetic mind do sometimes seem to surface in my dreams. One of those matters is the connection which certain dream journalists develop with each other when they read each other's dreams. That connection now reminds me of an octopus, the way the eight tentacles come together with a single purpose.

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