Dream of: 01 April 2019 "Pursued By A White Chicken"

I have two large cardboard boxes and three small cardboard boxes which I need to take to Kentucky to a location 5-6 kilometers along the Ohio River west of Portsmouth, Ohio. After I pick up the boxes, I realize this is going to be a long walk - because I am walking. I am in an alley in downtown Portsmouth near Fourth and Chillicothe Streets. I am not looking forward to the walk.

Fortunately, my father (1932-2916) ends up taking me in a car. We cross over the bridge and head down the river. I notice that two animals are following us. One of the animals is a white chicken. I do not want the animals to follow us, but they do nevertheless.

When my father drives back from Kentucky to Portsmouth, the chicken is still following us. My father speeds up in an attempt to escape the chicken, but the chicken continues running as fast as it can and following us. My father speeds through downtown Portsmouth. I start thinking that we are going to have to stop and pick up this chicken. As we reach another intersection, I hope the chicken is not hit by a car. After my father drives through the intersection I look back and see that a car barely missed hitting the chicken. I exclaim, "Oh man! She almost got hit!"

The chicken, however, no longer looks like a chicken, but like a man wearing a long black trench coat. Two cars pass so close to the man that they touch his black trench coat.

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