Dream of: 29 March 2019 "Tried, Convicted, And Sentenced"

 Michelle and I have walked out of a detention facility. We are both wearing orange jump suits as we walk through the streets of a residential area. I am unsure that I should be doing this. When we are only about a block away from the facility, we become separated, and then I am caught. I do not see Michelle anywhere as I am marched back to detention.

I am quickly tried, convicted, and sentenced to four years in prison. I am marched to a big building which looks like a warehouse where other prisoners are being held. After I walk into the building, I see the other prisoners inside all lined up along the sides of the building. I notice that perhaps ten percent of the prisoners are female. I think that having some women in the prison will be better than being in an all male prison.

Each prisoner has a little spot for himself. I walk all the way to the end of the long room without seeing any place where I could have a spot for me. Then I see another room at the back and I go in there. I see some spots here where I may be able to stay. Finally I walk into a second small room which has even more spots where I could stay. I walk over to a spot which I pick out and I sit down.

I speak to a young black woman who is not far from me. She quickly stands up and walks over to a black fellow who is sitting against the wall. When he snarls at me, I realize that the woman is with him, and that he does not want me talking with her. I stand up and sit down at a table with some other people who are friendlier. We talk and I tell them who I am. I say, "I'm Steve."

They seem to know who I am because Michelle had been here earlier and had told them about me. They say I look just the way Michelle described me when she talked about me to them.

 I am probably in my mid twenties. I feel depressed by the idea of spending four years in here. I think that at least I have my passwords to my bank accounts and that I should be able to access the accounts from in here, but I do not know how long I will be able to access the accounts. 

Suddenly Michelle walks in. She has also been apprehended. She is probably in her early twenties. She looks pale, wan, and unhappy. She picks out a spot close to my spot and we sit down across from each other. I tell her that I have been tried, convicted, and sentenced to four years. I myself cannot believe it. Everything happened so quickly. Apparently she has also been sentenced to four years, so it looks as if we are going to be in here together for a while. I think that being in here with her will at least make the stay more tolerable. I notice another male and female who have spots next to each other. I think it would be better if Michelle and I were next to each other instead of across from each other. I think it would be bad if were were separated from each other and if one of us was sent away somewhere else. I tell her that I am never going to listen to her again. I know that she was the one who suggested that we leave the facility in the first place.

Michelle seems more resigned to the situation than I. She acts as if we will not be in here for the full four years. I think she may be right because in the short time that we have been sitting here, the place has filled up even more. I know that a new law has been passed and that more people are being arrested and put in prison. I do not think this place will be big enough to hold so many people. I think there will probably be some way out of here, but I do not yet know what that will be.

Commentary of 04 April 2019

Sometimes my life feels like a prison, as if I have been sentenced to a sort of purgatory from which I would like to escape. I think the world's population is growing by around 220, 000 people every day. I empathize with some of the suffering which engulfs the human race. I try to make sense of my existence, but I still do not understand the reason why I am here. Even if I continue to exist after my physical body dies, I still do not see the sense of things. Thus I sometimes feel as if I am in prison, as if life itself is a prison, and as if I may still not be free even when my body dies.

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