To Dream Enthusiasts: Thank you to anyone who read any of my first twelve Trump dreams. This is the thirteenth dream. I had this dream recently after I had begun publishing the group of the first twelve dreams. With this dream, my Trump series comes to an end. Thank you.

Dream of: 25 March 2019 "Trump The Mob Boss"

 A thin, black-haired fellow (probably only in his late teens), who is apparently my brother, and who is a little shorter than I, and I, have been working for Donald Trump, who is an organized crime boss. Everybody knows that Trump is a mob boss.

My brother and I have risen in rank within Trump's organization, have been placed in a position of trust, and have become guardians of a large sum of money. During our rise, however, we have done something wrong and the money disappeared. The exact nature of the infraction is cloudy, although an infraction clearly occurred.

It seems, however, that the money has been recovered. Nevertheless, my brother and I are still suspected of being involved in the original disappearance of the money, and I secretly know that my brother and I actually were involved in the disappearance of the money.

At about this same time, another person in the organization has mishandled some other money and was caught. Trump had the person executed.

We are all presently in a big, mediocre motel. A bunch of other men who work for Trump are here in the motel, as well as other people. Trump has become aware of what has happened with the money which my brother and I had been guarding. Trump does not say anything to either of us - he does not talk to us. We are not sure, but it appears that Trump is now conducting an investigation about the money.

As part of the investigation, Trump conducts a dramatic demonstration in front of us with a white pole which looks like a flag pole. Trump puts something on the pole, then sets the pole on fire. I am beginning to think that Trump does suspect my brother and me for the disappearance of the money, but the evidence is still not conclusive. Apparently Trump is not going to do anything to my brother and me until he has the evidence to prove our guilt. I know, however, that Trump will not give up until he finds the evidence.

As I am sitting in the lobby of the motel, Trump ushers in five witnesses. Money had previously also been taken at another motel, and these five people had worked in the other motel. While I am sitting in front of the five witnesses, Trump asks the witnesses if they have seen anybody. One of the witnesses is a girl (around 12-13 years old) with frizzy brown hair and a skirt. She steps forward close to me, points at me, and says that she saw me at the motel.

I think this is not conclusive proof because everyone knew that I was at the motel. Her seeing me at the motel does not prove anything. Nevertheless, her actions are still extremely frightening.

The witnesses leave and everyone disperses. I now know that it is only a matter of time until my brother's and my involvement with the missing money will be discovered. I begin thinking that perhaps my brother and I can go to Trump, confess that we were involved in the disappearance of the money, and beg forgiveness. Unfortunately, I do not think that such a confession will work. I think Trump - who seems like an evil person - will have to execute us once he finds out. He now knows that he has been hoodwinked and my brother and I must be punished.

My second plan is that my brother and I could go to the police, turn ourselves in, confess everything we have done, and admit our guilt. We could turn against Trump, even though I am worried that if my brother and I are put in prison, Trump may be able to get to us, and execute us in prison. I would want the police to know that we must be segregated from the other prisoners. Otherwise Trump will be able to have us executed in the prison. Turning ourselves in to the police becomes my plan and I think I need to find my brother and tell him what we are going to do.

I do not know where Trump is at the moment. I do not see him anywhere. I walk through the hallway of the motel, and enter a bar where some men are gathered and standing around. No one talks with me. All the men now keep their distance from my brother and me, as if we are contaminated, now that they know what is going to happen to us.

  I am trying to find my brother to tell him of my plan to turn ourselves in. I walk toward another room in the back where I see my brother, dressed in a suit, standing in a big closet. He looks sick and I can tell that he is terrified. I walk over and talk with him. He looks guilty, just by looking at him. He is so frightened and nervous that he is trembling. I hope I do not look like him. I want to at least keep up a front so I do not appear guilty, but doing so is difficult at this point.

I tell my brother that as soon as I can find a police officer here in the motel, I am going to turn us in. He agrees that is the right thing to do. I walk around looking for a police officer, but I do not see any anywhere.

Commentary of 30 March 2019

This is my thirteenth written dream of Donald Trump. Up until this dream, Trump has been portrayed in a quasi-favorable light. Now, suddenly, in a dramatic plot twist, Trump becomes a symbol of evil. This is how I would have originally thought my Trump dreams should look, but now I am not so sure. This dream seems so much harsher than my previous dreams in which I grew accustomed to seeing Trump favorably. I now wonder if portraying Trump as pure evil may not be going a little too far. I still think that some people are evil, but for someone to be represented n dreams by a fiery, burning demon of evil may be a bit extreme. Yet evil is evil, just as truth is truth. It leaves me thinking that I might not dream so much about evil if I had wiped evil out of my own life. Donald Trump now seems to represent the evil in my life. He is someone to be feared. I think I would prefer not to dream about him for a while.

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