Dream of: 24 March 2019 "Invited To Church"

I am visiting a law office where I used to work in Dallas, Texas around 1990. It resembles the office of Leland, the attorney from whom I used to rent office space. Leland is not here, but another attorney named Walker who used to work on the next floor above this one is sitting here in the room. He looks young (about 30 years old). His youthful appearance seems strange because I worked here so long ago.

Walker and I talk for a while and he starts telling me about a "big case" which he just acquired today. He says he paid $300, 000 to someone to obtain this case. I say something about the payment being "contingent" on his winning. I am insinuating that he did not simply pay the money outright, but that he will need to win the case before he pays the money. He does not answer, but it sounds as if he is expecting a judgment of $1, 000, 000.

He pulls out a big, thick satchel filled with stuff and sets it on the table. Apparently the satchel contains the details of the case. I am unsure if I should ask Walker about the case, but I do ask him what kind of case it is. He answers, "Personal injury." 

That is what I expected. He tells me the case is about an automobile accident. I quickly become interested in the case and begin thinking of all the aspects which would be involved. If I were handling a case like that, I would have to know about "proximate cause." I would need to know all the elements of "negligence" to put in the petition. I envision the scenario of going to court and presenting the case. I would need to know the rules of evidence and know how to handle "hearsay objections."

Walker asks me if I would like to go out and have a meal with him right now. I tell him I would, but then I realize that I am not wearing a shirt and I start looking for it. I remember that I was wearing a tee shirt when I came here and I think I left it in the next room. I walk into the next room. I am still thinking about the law and I notice all kinds of law books on the shelves in this little conference room.

As I look at the law books, I think to myself that if I only read one case a day, I could refresh my legal knowledge and handle a case like Walker's. I could start with small cases and build up until I could handle large cases. I might need another attorney to help me with some things as I progress. I might even have to appeal a case. I reflect that attorneys specialize in all kinds of areas of the law. I could always find an appeal attorney. I myself would not like to be an appeal attorney since it is all office work and I would like to be in the courtroom.

As I am looking for my shirt, an Hispanic-looking woman (around 40 years old) walks into the room. She shows me a pile of clothes which are lying on a table. I find a reddish, button-up shirt which I think I may have left here years ago when I used to work in this office. I see another gray and white striped shirt which I remember as also having been my shirt. I do not really like these shirts, and besides, they are wrinkled, but I still cannot find my tee shirt.

The woman finds a blue denim shirt which I try on. The shirt has a little bit of paint or something stuck on the front, but I think the shirt looks good so I decide to wear it.

The woman and I talk for a bit and she mentions that she and some other people go for a walk together on some days. It sounds as if the walk is along a creek somewhere in the country. She wants to know if I would like to go with her and I think I might want to do that.

She mentions something about a church which she talks of attending, and she describes a man who apparently is a preacher in the church. I can see this man in my mind so clearly that he almost appears to be right in front of me. He is a tall, think, light-black man. Apparently he has quite a bit of spiritual presence and charisma about him.

I do not think I would be able to relate well with the man. Nevertheless, since the woman seems to be inviting me to the church, I think I may take her up on her offer just to see what it is like, even though I do not think that it will have much effect on me. 

It begins to seem more as if we are in London.

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