Dream of: 23 March 2019 "Visitor From West Virginia"

I am walking around outside the House in Patriot, Ohio (the home of my maternal grandparents when I was a child) where I presently live. My old friend from high school, Steve Buckner (1952-2012) seems to be walking and talking with me. Two or three other people are busily cutting the grass on the large yard which stretches far out behind the House where the garden used to be.

Steve mentions that he knows some girls which he could invite over tonight so that we could all party together. I think about his proposition for a moment, then tell him no, that I have another woman who is coming here tonight to visit me. I am talking about Mairita (an internet dream journalist) whom I have known for quite a while, although we have never met in person. She lives in West Virginia and she is coming here to Patriot tonight to meet me in person. I know that Mairita is not simply some girl with whom I want to party. I want to get to know her better in a more substantial way and maybe have a relationship with her. I only suddenly found out today that she is going to visit me tonight. I am glad that she is coming. I am also glad that I at least have time to cut the grass because it was rather long. I would like to spruce the place up a little bit because this is where I live. I do not want her to see a total wreck.

Steve fades away as I walk along the side of the House next to the road. I notice a hole about a meter long and about a half meter wide which someone seems to have dug in the yard. At first it looks as if the hole has been filled in with dirt, but when I approach closer, I see that the hole is not filled in and is about a half meter deep. I do not know why anyone would have dug a hole here in the yard, but I think perhaps some children could play in the hole if we could cause grass to grow in the bottom of the hole and make it soft.

I sit down on the edge of the hole and I notice that some of the grass which looks like weeds has not been cut around the top edge of the hole and is hanging over into the hole. I try to knock some of the grass off this side where I am sitting and into the hole.

Commentary of 01 April 2019

I believe in life after death, but I have great difficulty believing that ghosts from the spirit world actually visit me in my dreams. Nevertheless, I am definitely not saying that it is impossible. The same is true of real people whom I know exist. I have great difficulty believing that any living person actually visits me in my dreams, but I am not saying that it is impossible.

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