Dream of: 22 March 2019 "Green-Skinned Cantaloupe"

 I have started working in an office in an upper floor of a high-rise building in the downtown area of a large city. After I come to work this morning, I lie down on a mattress in the middle of the floor of my office, and I go to sleep.

Another fellow who is sharing the office with me walks in. I do not want to be lying on the floor while he is here. Finally, a second fellow walks in. I had not realized that this second fellow was also working here. He also has a desk in the office. Both fellows are probably around 30 years old.

I am extremely tired and sleepy, and do not want to get up, but I do not think I should just be lying here on the floor of the office, even though no one says anything to me about it. I think I need to stand up and put the mattress up somewhere, although I do not know where I am going to put it.

Finally, I do stand up and walk over to the second fellow who is in a little room off to the side. Some shelves are in the room with all kinds of books which I had never noticed before. They look like literature books. I ask the fellow if he studied "English literature" in college. He seems to smile and he says that he is an "arki." I ask him if that means "architect," and he indicates that it does. I am surprised because he has all these literature books here, yet he is an architect. He does not look at all like an architect and I had not even thought of him as being one.  

I leave for a while and drive around on a tiny, little motorcycle. Other people are leaving work and some are driving big, fancy motorcycles. I have the feeling that the work of some of the people in this place involves building things like these motorcycles. I think they have built these motorcycles as projects and now they are riding the motorcycles home. Their motorcycles are fancy and impressive-looking, especially compared to my little motorcycle.

When I return to work, I enter a large room where many men are sitting at desks all around the room and tending to their tasks. Everybody is probably in their twenties and I am also in my twenties. It seems that each person here has a certain skill. I know that I, for example, am an attorney, although I am not doing legal work. I actually am not sure what I am doing.

An older man (probably in his 60s) walks into the room. He is thin and looks as if he is in good health. He is in charge of everything which is going on here. He is the person who has given different tasks to different people.

He never says anything to me, nor does he even acknowledge my presence, but I am aware that I have been given a chance in this place to accomplish something. He is the person to whom I have to respond. He seems kindly, but very authoritarian. There is something that he wants.

I seem to have been given something to do. I am not sure if this thing is my task, but it seems as if it is my task. Lying right in front of me is an oblong cantaloupe, about twenty centimeters long. The rind has a greenish tint. The task is to change the greenish rind into a beige color.

A woman and another person are standing close to me, and are also looking at the cantaloupe. I do not think they are involved with this task, but apparently they can give me some advice on how to change the color of the cantaloupe. It seems that changing the color would be extremely difficult, but not impossible. I think I would need to start to work on it and focus on this one idea. I am not sure how to do it, but I need to start.

I realize that the man in charge is now sitting at a conference table. Six to eight other younger people are also sitting at the table, and are involved with various tasks. I am unsure why the man is here, but apparently he has come it to look at some of the projects.

I feel sheepish because I know that I have not been working on my project, and I am afraid the man is going to ask me about my progress with my project. At this point, I am not even sure what my project is supposed to be, although I know that I need to work on it.

As the man sits and talks with someone about that person's project, I notice that two people sitting at the conference table are playing a board game which is played on something which resembles a chess board, except chess pieces are not used. Instead small, flat squares of hard cardboard (about two centimeters square) are moved around on the board. The squares are played in patterns. One pattern is a an L-shape which reminds me of the way a knight moves in chess. I see that several people are playing the game around the room. I find the game interesting, but I know that I need to work on my project.

I go back to my own table and I find that one of the game boards is at my table because I had also been playing the game there. My opponent is no longer present, but the board is still set up in the middle of a game. I do not want to play the game anymore. I want to work on my project. I want to finish this. I am tired of playing this game. I think I need to finish this game, but the fellow against whom I had been playing is not here right now. I think I could simply make the moves for the other fellow, but I do not think that would be right.

 I finally conclude that I can simply give up the game the way someone gives up in a chess game - by turning over the king. I can simply lose and then I will not have to play this game any more. Then I can move on to something else.

Commentary of 01 April 2019

Tired of playing games. Need to concentrate on my task in life. It occurs to me that a cantaloupe is green when it is young, then turns beige as it matures.

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