Dream of: 12 March 2019 "Kick Boxing"

 A couple other fellows and I (we are all around 20 years old) are in a big, square building which seems like a school when I encounter three black fellows (around the same age as we), one of whom begins threatening me and tries to fight me. He slings his foot at me a couple times and tries to hit me with it, but I manage to dodge him. I in turn hit him a couple times with my right foot. I sling my foot at him and hit him twice right in the face. He then comes straight at me and I hit him with my foot square in the face. With a might thud, he tumbles to the ground.

I walk away. I have become separated from the other two fellows who were originally with me, and I cannot find them anywhere. When I finally reach a door and start to leave, another black fellow (also around 20 years old) stops me and asks me if I know how to stop someone by kicking the person. He says that people are looking for such a kicker. I conclude that the word has gotten out about the kicking episode, and apparently people are trying to find the kicker. This fellow does not know that I am the kicker, and he asks me if I have heard about the incident. Then he wants to know if I know how to kick box like that. I say that I know how, but I do not mention that I was involved in the incident which just happened. To myself I feel somewhat proud that I have this ability to fight like that when I have to. At the same time I do not want to reveal that I was in the fight because I want to avoid all problems.

I do not go outside, but continue walking around the halls on the periphery of the building. I try to avoid coming in contact with anyone because I do not want to fight anymore. I also do not want to have problems about what has already happened.

Commentary of 30 March 2019

Having a clean conscience is a worthy goal.

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