Dream of: 10 March 2019 "Imaginary Chase"

 I am traveling cross country and I have caught a ride with a fellow (around 30 years old, the same age as I). I have never met this fellow before and I do not know him, but he is giving me a ride. As we ride along on the highway and different roads, I pay attention to the way the fellow is driving to be assured that he is driving safely and staying in the lane.

We both have handguns. I show him mine and he shows me his. He shows me a little metal pin which can be stuck into my gun so that it does not fire. It is a safety mechanism. I had not been aware of that.

I start wondering about this fellow because I do not even know him, and I wonder if I am actually safe with him. He pulls up a little country lane and reaches a wooden gate. He stops the truck, gets out, and opens the gate. I also climb out and I ask him where we are. He answers, "Dahlton."

Apparently he wants to stop and see someone who lives here, but something seems quite strange about what is going on. I do not know what is on the other side of the fence. If I go back in there with him, he might try to kill me. He may be some kind of psychopath. As I develop this imaginary scenario in my mind I think of asking him about it by saying something like, "You're not going to kill me, are you?"

I decide it is best not to go with the fellow beyond the gate. I begin to have an imaginary fancy of what might happen back there. My imagination becomes so strong, it almost seems real. I imagine our entering a large, labyrinthine house where we are given a room. I wonder if this could all be part of a game which this fellow plays with other people who are also playing the game. I can imagine the people chasing me to see who would catch me. I imagine them giving me a head-start to escape so they can then make a sport out of chasing me around. When they finally catch me, they would kill me.

The scenario which I invent in my mind for myself is rather terrifying, if it is what is really going to happen here. Although I am only imagining what is going to happen, it seems so real, as if I am already in the house and taking part in the chase.

Commentary of 29 March 2019

I try to avoid psychopaths as much as possible. I have enough difficulty dealing with my own mind without becoming involved with crazy people. Like hunters for example. People who look at killing wild animals as a sport have serious deficits in the psychology department.

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