Dream of: 08 March 2019 (2) "Mother's Knick Knacks"

My mother (1931-2014) has moved into a large cottage which is about 160 kilometers away from where I live. I have been trying to visit her every weekend and I intend to try to do so in the future to help her settle into her new abode. I am inside the cottage today where I see that her possessions are still piled up. She has not yet arranged all her stuff since she moved in.

I walk into a side room which seems like a large utility room which is piled with stuff all over the place, and I decide that I will spend the day to try to arrange things in here. I set about the task and soon have things arranged in much better order. A couch is in the room, as well as a washer and dryer. I move some other objects around, including a large contraption which I move out of the middle of the room. One shelf has all kinds of junk on it. I know that we have stored some pretty knick knacks which could be placed on the shelves once all the junk is cleared away.

This is the weekend, and other people begin walking into the room. They had remained in other parts of the house, but now that things are beginning to be cleaned up in this room, they filter in here. When three men sit down on the couch, I think I will probably have to end up talking with them for a little bit. That will be fine. Now that we have cleaned things out in this room and have space, we can move around in here, even though the washer and dryer are still in the room.

Although I do talk with the men a little, I still continue to work. So much stuff in this room still needs arranging.  I continue to try to put things in order for my mother. I think I will try to come here every weekend to help her out.

Commentary of 25 March 2019 .

The three men remind me of three men who are interested in dreams on the internet and may be reading some of my dreams. My mother makes me think of an internet dream enthusiast who is convinced that dead souls can be contacted in dreams.

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