Dream of: 08 March 2019 "Disappearing Like A Dream"

I have three visions which resemble large blurbs in a comic book. The first blurb contains some sentences which I can clearly see and understand. The second blurb contains different colored, 3D geometrical figures which exquisitely fit together. The third blurb contains a series of almost poetical-sounding words placed together in a poetical fashion. I see the words, I read them, and I understand them.

After the blurbs disappear, I continue to think about them. I vaguely think that I may be dreaming because I think I need to record what I have seen before it disappears like a dream. I focus my mind on remembering exactly what the three blurbs looked like, even as the exact words of the first and third blurbs, and the images of the second blurb, are unfortunately already beginning to fade away.

Commentary of 27 March 2019

I wonder how much of this life I will remember in the next life.

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