Dream of: 07 March 2019 "Lost Keys"

I own several houses which all need repairs. I have been neglecting the houses for several months, but now I feel as if I am ready to begin working on them again. I particularly think about a two-story house in a residential area, and I realize that the house probably needs the grass cut. Suddenly I also realize that I do not know where the keys to the house are. I remember distinctly seeing the keys and I have a vision of them in my mind. I also realize that the keys which I see are for padlocks on the front door and the back door. However, I do not remember where I left those keys. I think I may have left the keys lying on the window sill of a nearby house many months ago, but surely the keys would not be there now. I think I will have to fetch my handyman, Wayne, and take him to the house so he can saw off the padlocks with a hacksaw. I hope I do not rouse the suspicions of any neighbors that I am breaking into the house. That could cause problems.

I think about the repairs which I need to accomplish on the various houses so that I will feel good about them, and I realize that my feelings about the houses are not paramount, but rather how the repairs of the houses make me feel about myself. The point is not to end up feeling good about the houses, but to feel good about myself because of what I do to the houses. 

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