Dream of: 03 March 2019 "Town Boy"

I had decided to give up my law license since I do not practice law anymore, but then I decide to keep my license. Now, however, I learn that a committee of some sort has been formed to determine whether I will be able to keep my license. I now have to take a test to keep my license, and the committee has been formed to determine whether I will be allowed to take the test.

I meet with a man (probably in his 40s) who is a member of the committee. He somewhat resembles Newton (one of my law professors in the early 1980s). He and I stand on a porch and talk about the matter. He hands me a book and then walks away. I look at the old, hard-back book which is about two centimeters thick and probably is from the 1940s. The title on the spine of the book says Town Boy. It seems as if I have heard of this book. I hope the man does not want me to read it.

The man returns and we recommence talking. We discuss the book and I realize that I have heard about this book and that I actually do want to read it, even though I am unsure that reading the book will help me receive the permission to take the test.

The man wants to know why I want to remain an attorney. I tell him that I no longer practice law, but that being an attorney has become part of who I am. I do not want to simply give it up. 

He begins referring to some topics in the book which he thinks will help me. I remember the book, and I agree with what he is saying. I mention something that I already know about the book. He and I seem to be communicating well, but I am still unsure whether he is going to recommend that I be able to take the test.

Commentary of 06 March 2019

Dreams give the truest representation of who a person really is, even though dreams may not be literally true.

Dream Enthusiasts seems a bit like a town to me. The people seem friendly and I feel sure that the place holds an enlightening story.

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