Dream of: 02 March 2019 "Alliteration"

I am talking on the phone with a girl whom I have been teaching some new literary words. Both of us are probably teenagers in high school. We discuss one word for a while, then she asks me if I know the meaning of the word "alliteration." I think about the word for a moment. I am unsure, but I think it might refer to several syllables having the same sound, or several words beginning with the same sound. I am still, however, unsure.

I like the sound of the word and I think I should surely know what it means. Since the word contains the letters "literation," I think the word may have something to do with "literature," or something "literary," but I cannot seem to reach a definition of the word.

I reflect that the girl has stumped me and that I am going to have to look up this word to find its meaning. I am glad because I will be learning something new. Suddenly I realize that I have my phone with me and that I can look up the word right now on my phone.

I am lying on my back, just about to look up the word on my phone, when I look around me and realize that I am on a boat where I am trapped with some other people. I am unsure why I am trapped here, but I see a woman standing near me, and I say something about how I will be glad when I get off this boat. She says that she will be glad, too. I am somewhat surprised to hear her say this because I have the indistinct impression that she may be my captor. However, she seems to want to leave this boat as much as I do.

Commentary of 05 March 2019

The exchange with the girl reminds me of exchanges I sometimes have with other dream writers with whom I am tied together by the written word. I am glad when I am stumped and able to learn something new.

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