Dream of: 27 February 2019 "Loose Joint"

Another boy and I - I am also a boy - have gone for a joyride in a plane which must be a bi-wing. The plane seems to belong to the boy's father. We fly around for a while and have a good time, although I know that the boy and I will be in beaucoup trouble if anyone discovers that we have taken the plane.

The weather becomes foggy and we cannot see where we are flying. The boy begins to loose control and the plane heads down. At first I do not know what is wrong, but I finally conclude that the problem results from something awry on the front of the plane in a lattice-work of pipes resembling the pipes which hold together the two wings of a bi-wing plane, except three or four times as many pipes are here.

I climb out into the jungle of pipes and discover that one of the pipes - about twenty centimeters long - has become unscrewed on one end from one of the other pipes. I wrap my right hand around the pipe joint and start screwing it back into the pipe next to it. The boy gains some control of the plunging plane and starts pulling the plane back up.

Then another short pipe breaks loose while I have my hand on it and I have to start screwing it back in even as the boy seems to once again loose control of the plane. Finally a piece of pipe over a meter long comes loose and I also start screwing it back in. The plane descends down and down and I feel as if we are descending close to the tops of houses and that we are going to crash.

A vista suddenly opens up through the fog and right in front of me I see a long, wide street through a residential area with attractive, two-story houses on each side of the street. I scream at the boy to land! He steers the plane down the street where we appear to be able to safely land back on terra firma.

I begin to imagine what will happen now. Our theft of the plane will obviously be discovered when we land right here in the middle of the street like this. We are going to be in big trouble for having taken the plane. The incident will be in newspapers and published everywhere.

At least we did not die.

Commentary of 03 March 2019

This dream makes me wonder if we should live our lives more for God, and not so much for ourselves. I spend much of my life simply enjoying life and not even thinking about what God wants me to do.

"Stealing the plane" in this dream seems like a metaphor for "stealing time from God."

God seems to be laying out a definite rule about my life, something like: Do not steal time from God!

Now really? I repeatedly steal time from God! I suppose the good news is that apparently God has not completely given up on me or he would not continue to send me such messages which indicate that it actually does matter what I do with my time.

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