Dream of: 25 February 2019 "Fifty French Novels"

Another woman and I are taking a test which involves French novels, and we are each given a list which contains the titles of fifty French novels. We are supposed to write a description of each of those novels.

As I near the end of the test, I have the descriptions of perhaps ten more novels to complete. I am not familiar with these last novels, but we are located near a library which we are able to use while we take the test. As I stand up to use the library, I notice one book which I have never heard of on my list. When the other woman sees that I am going to search for that book, she says she thinks it "is ridiculous" that I would try to find the book right now in the middle of the test. For some reason, however, I particularly want to find this book.

I walk to a shelf in the library where I encounter a female librarian (probably in her 30s). I have seen her before and I like her, but I have never really talked with her. I have an idea where the French literature is located, but I ask the librarian for directions. She points to a lone bookshelf only about two meters wide which contains several shelves of books. Seeing such a small number of books on the shelves, I immediately know that the book for which I am searching will not be on this bookshelf, since that particular book is rare and surely would not be found in such a small number of books. I scan the books on the bookshelf, somehow seem to touch the shelf, then turn to walk away from it. Just as I do so, I have the feeling that the shelf is going to tip over behind me. When I hear a loud thud, I turn around and see that the bookshelf has tipped over and dumped its hefty pile of books unto ground. I do not stop, but continue to walk around the corner. 

I hear the librarian, who has walked to the spot where the shelf fell over, say something. I do not want to stop now and deal with the shelf while I am in the middle of taking this test. Nevertheless, I return to the librarian to help her pick up the books, and I say, "This is going to cost me."

I know that I will not now be able to finish the test.

The librarian and I try to straighten up the shelf. She stands on one end and I on the other so we can set the shelf up straight. I see amidst the pile of books some tawdry, black, plastic curtains which had been hanging on both ends of the shelf. I pick up one of the curtains and say, "I will just throw these away."

As I walk toward a big garbage can which is standing nearby, the librarian says, "Ok."

Commentary of 01 March 2019

I sometimes feel as if I am on stage on Dream Enthusiasts and as if what I am writing on here is similar to a play in which I am interacting with other dreamers in my dreams in front of an audience of Dream Enthusiasts.  

The two women in the dream - the woman with whom I am taking the test and the librarian - remind me of two distinct women who sometimes publish their dreams on Dream Enthusiasts. They begin to seem to me like characters with whom I communicate in my dream play.

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