Dream of: 22 February 2019 "Mysterious Presence"

I am a young detective. Two other young detectives - a male and a female - and I are out on one of our first cases in a desert community. All three of us are probably in our 20s. We walk into a house which seems somewhat like a barn with one big room and what appears to be a dirt floor. Some people appear to have been living here. I see a place on the ground where someone appears to have been sleeping. The female detective and I walk around the spot and conclude that a couple girls had been sleeping here.

I see a blister package which looks as if it once held drugs. I think the name of the drug is "quantinol," but I read on the package that the name is actually "miquantinol."  I pronouce the word "miquantinol" several times to memorize it. I think I am going to have to memorize the names of many drugs in the detective business.

The female detective knows what the drug miquantinol is and she says that it is for chicken pox. We conclude that the girls who were here had chicken pox. I am unsure how this will help us, but I think it is another piece of evidence that needs to be recorded.

Just as the other two detectives are preparing to leave, I notice another room at the end of the building. The other two do not seem to want to bother with this room, but I walk to the room and just as I reach it, I see a purse fly out of a closet in the room and land on the floor as if someone had thrown it. Somewhat frightened, I walk into the room, and the door shuts behind me. I am usure how the door closed, but I have a feeling of terror, as if a mysterious presence is controlling this room.

I walk over to the closet and see a pile of purses on the closet floor. I do not see anything else in the closet and I am mystified how the purse was thrown out of the closet. I do not think that the purse fell out by itself, but I do not see any doors or hidden spaces in the closet where someone could be hiding. This is a frightening situation.

Commentary of 27 February 2019

The first important question presented to any enthusiastic detective of dreams is: "Where do dreams come from?"

They must either come from inside the mind, from outside the mind,  from both, or from neither. I see no other possible alternatives.

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