Dream of: 20 February 2019 "Dog Named Paul"

 I have dropped in to visit Steve Weinstein (whom I first met when we attended high school together). I have traveled quite a ways to visit him. He is living in a motel room. His older brother Paul lives next door to Steve in another motel room.

Steve and I end up sitting on chairs in Paul's room, while Paul is sitting in his bed. Steve is sitting in a chair to my right. I am sitting at the foot of the bed, but something is in my way so that I cannot see Paul's face. I can, however, hear him, and I know that Paul is not happy about my being here. Steve is also aware that Paul is not happy by my presence. Steve himself does not seem thrilled to see me here. Steve asks Paul why he is displeased, but Paul does not want to say anything. Finally, Paul says, "Dog."

I now realize that Paul is unhappy because I brought my dog with me. I conclude that Paul most have an allergy and is allergic to the dog.  I ask Steve about Steve's room, which is right next door, but for some reason Steve does not want to go there. I am unsure why not, but someone says something about "the television." I am unsure what they are talking about, but I think that Steve may not have a television in his room. I notice that a television is sitting right to my left, and I ask Steve if we could take that television to his room. He does not respond. I mention how strange it is that Steve does not have a television. I know that I have five or six flat screen televisions. I think that most people have several flat screens in their homes, so it seems strange that Steve does not have one. Apparently Steve is not doing well financially.

I am concerned about my dog and when I look around, I do not see him anywhere. He is a large black and white dog and his name is "Paul." I walk out of the room and call, "Paul! Paul!"

I continue calling as I walk through the halls of the motel. I can hear other dogs barking, and I notice many piles of dog feces in the hallway. I realize that this place is a real dump. I do not want to denigrate Steve, but I think I will go back and tell him that this place is really a dump. At the moment, however, my only real concern is to find my dog as I continue calling, "Paul! Paul! Paul!"

It is strange that my dog does not come because I know he always stays close to me. I do not know what has happened to him but I must definitely find him.

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