Dream of: 15 February 2019 "Man On A Roof"

 Another person and I are walking in a residential area. In front of us is a ridge on top of which are some houses about fifty meters away from us. I look up at the front of one white house with a red shingle roof, and I am surprised to see that a man - who I think I may know - has climbed up to the top ridge of the roof and is sitting there right in the middle. It looks as if he is trying to say something to us, when a powerful gust of wind suddenly pulls the entire house up into the air. As the house floats away from us, it turns all the way upside down with the man still hanging onto the roof.

I watch in shock. I think about how horrible that fellow must feel - flying through the air like that and knowing that he is going to die - because it seems clear to me that the fellow is going to die as a result of what is happening. I am horrified as I watch the fellow try to hold onto the house flying through the air.

Commentary of 23 February 2019

Unless our spirits are reincarnated into the physical world when our bodies die, the afterlife may be similar to our dreamlife.

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