Dream of: 14 February 2019 "Ugly Syringe"

 I am on a small boat with perhaps ten other people. We have pushed off from the shore into the ocean. I had thought we were only going for a short ride, but now I realize that we are heading out into the ocean, and I start to worry. I realize that we are headed toward an island with Mexico on the other side.

After we arrive, I am unsure how I am going to return because crossing this body of water was quite a long journey.

I walk around a bustling street, which seems to be in a Mexican border town, until I end up with a man and woman who are probably in their late 20s. We go to their little home which is right in the middle of this bustling area. We walk inside and I talk with them in English. Both are friendly. The woman is quite attractive. They seem to like having me here. I hope they can tell me how to cross back to the United States.

The fellow finally pulls out a syringe. Obviously he has some drugs here. He wants to shoot up and he wants me to shoot up with him, but I am adamant that I do not use needles. He pulls out some kind of drug and I ask him what it is. I think it is speed, but I am not sure. I watch as he quickly inserts not only the needle into his left arm, but the entire barrel and plunger of the syringe under his skin. The bump where the entire syringe is under the skin is bizarrely ugly. I am astonished how quickly he has acted.

A second fellow and his girlfriend show up and start talking with the first fellow. The second fellow pulls out a little clump of marijuana which interests me. I think if they smoke some of the marijuana, I may join in. I wonder if they ever try smuggling marijuana back across the border into the United States.

I notice that the windows of the house are open and I conclude that the others are not concerned about the marijuana smoke being wafted outside. Apparently everyone around here smokes pot.

My main concern is how I am going to leave this place. I am also starting to worry that these people might try to kidnap me. I also suddenly realize that I do not have a passport with me. I know that now I will need a passport to reenter the United States, so it looks as if my not having a passport may also be a problem.

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