Dream of: 13 February 2019 (2) "Playing Cards On A Red Blanket"

 For the second time, I have met up with a black-haired girl (15-16 years old) whose company I enjoy. We join my first cousins, Ronnie (born 1942) and Jimmie (1946-2008), and start playing cards. Apparently in the girl's home, we are all sitting on a bed covered by a red blanket. I mention that I normally do not play cards, although I think I have played cards during a couple periods in my life. I remember that I played cards during the period I was in prison in Iran, but since I have not yet told this girl that I was once in prison, I do not bring up the subject. I reflect that this girl is so young and that I am so much older than she, she does not realize how many things I have done in my life. She has no conception of how long my life span has been.

 At one point, I have six or seven cards in my hand, and one of the cards looks like it is not actually a part of the deck, but contains a small-print description of the cards. I say something about that particular card.

I am tired of playing cards. I would rather simply be with the girl. She says something about our leaving. I agree. She and I leave and walk around together.

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