Dream of: 13 February 2019 "Tomb-Like Rooms"

 Other people and I are standing on the edge of a big hole - about three meters in diameter - which has been discovered in Portsmouth, Ohio. A large chamber or room seems to be at the bottom of the hole. I think it may be a tomb. Some of the people and I finally descend into the hole which at first seems dark, but lightens up when we discover other rooms where all sorts of objects are sitting on shelves. It looks as if someone died a long time ago and left all this stuff here. It turns out that people can pick out items in which they are interested and take those items back up to the surface where those items will then be auctioned off.

I look at the fascinating assortment of objects which seem to be from the 1920s or 1930s. Everything appears to be from the estate of a wealthy person who died a long time ago. The items appear to be unusual things such as one would not normally see. I look at one large, wooden clothes wardrobe, but most items are smaller objects which are sitting on shelves. I notice some pretty, little pieces of paper which look like hand-drawn Christmas cards. I reflect that I do not need something like that. I also find some intriguing beakers or cups made of silver. Although the items are intriguing, I am unsure that I want any of this stuff. The items seem like things I could accumulate but that I really do not need. Although some items are fascinating, I hesitate to take anything.

I finally look up and see that the hole up above is closing. It looks as if the other people have already left and I worry that I might become trapped down here. I think the hole's closing is just a warning that it is time to leave, and I think the hole will reopen to allow me to exit. Nevertheless, I think of how terrible it would be if the hole were to completely close and I would be trapped down here.

Commentary of 22 February 2019

Material possessions are so enticingly pleasurable. I just hate the idea of dying and giving everything up.

Life after death either means reincarnation into the physical world, rebirth into a spiritual world, both, or neither. I do not see any other alternative.  

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