Dream of: 10 February 2019 "Stealing From McDonalds"

 Michelle and I are in a McDonalds restaurant. We have ordered some food and are now standing at a counter. The girl behind the counter places several sacks of food on the counter for us. I decide that I may try to steal the food without paying for it. I am unsure, but Michelle may be in on the plot, too.

I grab one of the sacks, quickly slip out the door, and stand at the side of the building where I start eating a cheeseburger. After I am here for a while, I realize that too much time has passed and that Michelle should have been out here by now. I think the people in the restaurant must have grabbed her and arrested her.

I can see my car sitting here close to the door. The car has Ohio tags on it, but I know we are somewhere outside of Ohio. I think the Ohio tags will catch the attention of the police if they start investigating.

I think that a little wooded area is next door to the McDonalds and that I might run off in there. I think Michelle has probably been arrested. Although I do not see any police, I think they probably already have her. I think they will take her to jail and that she will at least have to stay there overnight. I think this sure is a lot of trouble to go through for such a small amount.

If my father finds out, I will have to explain to him why I did it. I know that I do not need the money. I have enough money to pay for this stuff. I am sure he will ask my why I did it, but I am not even sure myself why I did it. I know that part of the reason is that I can always use more money, but the need for a little extra money does not seem like a sufficient reason to go through all of this. I am just not sure why I did it.

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