Dream of: 07 February 2019 "List Of Kings"

 My father (1932-2016) and I are in the living room of a cottage which seems somewhat like the House in Patriot, Ohio (the home of my maternal grandparents when I was a child). While my father is sitting with his back toward me, I walk over to a brick chimney and I pull out one of the bricks. I had previously pulled out two other bricks. I do not want my father to see what I have done, because I am sure that he did not want me to pull out these bricks. I think if he does find out what I have done, I will point out that some empty spaces behind the bricks could be advantageously filled with cellulose insulation. When I look back into the empty spaces all the way to the rear of the holes, I see that some cellulose insulation is already in there.

One of the bricks I pulled out had been at the very bottom of the brick chimney. I look back into that empty space and I see something silver about fifteen centimeters back at the end of the hole. I look at the objects more closely and I see that they are two flash drives. I suddenly remember that I put those flash drives back in there long ago. I hid the flash drives, then I forgot where I had hidden them. Now that I see them, I pull them out. I recall that I recently recovered two flash drives, and now I have found two more. Besides these, I have several more flash drives, so altogether, I have about ten flash drives. I am happy to have found these two.

I look at the index of one of the flash drives and I see that it contains a list of the kings of England from the time of Alfred the Great to the time of William the Conqueror. I also see a file which contains a list of English kings from the 800s. I am glad to have these files which contain pictures and information about the kings. I am happy to have retrieved these flash drives.

Commentary of 20 February 2019

I am interested in the dreams by Pharaoh which Joseph interpreted, of the dreams of Nebuchadnezzar which Daniel interpreted, of the dreams of Gilgamesh which Gilgamesh's mother interpreted, and of the dream of Irma which Freud interpreted. It is possible that dreams are the primary mode of communication between God and man. I am wondering if the dream which Gilgamesh had of the meteor falling to earth is the earliest preserved coherent dream. I think Gilgamesh's dream is earlier than the first dream of Pharaoh.

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