Dream of: 06 February 2019 "People With Guns"

I have arrived at the ranch-style home of Jon (whom I met when we started law school together in 1981) and Jon's wife Cathy. Before I go inside, I walk into the back yard where I see a small garden area. I notice four or five wads of money lying on the ground, and I pick them up. I remember the last time I was here, I found some money and hid it in some boxes. I think I must have dropped the money out, because I think these wads of money are the same money which I found here before.

I walk to the back door, enter, and find Jon and Cathy inside (probably in their 30s). We talk for a while in the kitchen area. A couple other people are also present. Cathy continues to move close to me and touch me in one way or the other, and finally, we are lying on the floor. Her back is to Jon, while I am facing Jon, who is not paying any attention to us. Our legs are touching and I think about rubbing my legs against hers. Cathy and I end up kissing. I do not want Jon to see this. I try to pull her away from me, but her lips stick to mine. Finally, I break free of her. I am aroused by her, and I think of becoming more intimate with her.

Jon and Cathy are preparing to leave. Finally, I pull the money out of my pocket and I show it to them. I want to count the money. There are some hundreds, a bunch of twenties, and a bunch of ones. I start to count the money, but then I put it back up.

I fall asleep. Jon and Cathy leave, and when I awaken, no one is in the house. I do not know where Jon and Cathy went or when they are going to return.

I walk over to the back door and see that people are outside. I open the door and 15-20 people flow into the house. I figure they are probably friends of Jon's and they have come here for a party. I do not know any of them, and I tell them that I do not know if I can let them in. Jon has simply left me here alone. Nevertheless, they all walk in and sit down on a table, some couches and chairs in the kitchen. They take over the place. They do not say much. They are not a rowdy group, but I do not want to see anything turn up missing.

We sit around and wait for Jon until I finally realize that I used to have Jon's phone number on my phone, but I lost that phone. Now I have a new phone, but I do not have Jon's number. I ask if anyone has Jon's number, but no one has the number. Finally, one fellow says that he has the number and he pulls out a business card. When I look at the card, I see that it is Jon's card, and it looks to me as if Jon is a handy man. I ask the fellow how long he has had the card. He seems to have had it for about a year. It seems to me that Jon's number might have changed in the last year, but I think I will call it anyway.

I finally have Jon on the phone, but the conversation is unclear. I do not stay on the phone with him for long.

The party continues. Nobody is drinking anything, but some of the people have guns which they start pulling out. I see a couple handguns and one fellow has a large, black machine gun. I have been thinking of buying a gun myself. I may ask someone here if they have a gun for sale. I may use the money I have found to buy a gun.

A black fellow finally shows up. It seems as if this fellow was here earlier with Jon. Nobody pays any attention to him. He sits down next to me and he asks me if I am getting along with these people. He seems to imply that getting along with these people is difficult, but I reply, "Yea, I'm getting along with them ok."

I am still unsure whether these people should be here - but here they are. I will simply continue waiting for Jon. 

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