Dream of: 03 February 2019 "Cigarette Causes Fire"

I am in the living room of a house which belongs to my family. My father (1932-2016) is sitting in the room. Ray (the brother of my friend Michelle) is lying under covers on the beige couch. I know that he has recently been released from prison and that he has come here to stay. I realize that Michelle's family has simply moved in here. This house was originally owned by my mother (1931-2014) and somehow I think it is still owned by her, but somehow Michelle's family has been staying here and have merged in with my family.

I do not like Ray's being here. I see that he is smoking a cigarette. His hand holding the cigarette is lying on the back of the couch where the cover is. I cannot see exactly where the cigarette is, but suddenly a small fire breaks out on the cover. I holler out, "He's started a fire!"

 Ray does not pay any attention to it and even my father does not pay attention. I continue to watch until the fire finally seems to go out.  The cover falls off the back of the couch back on Ray. I cannot see where the cover has been burned. I was happy for a moment because I thought I would be able to show that Ray was causing problems, but now he just rolls over and seems to go to sleep.

My father (around 50 years old) finally stands up. Apparently he is going somewhere and he asks me if I am going to come with him. I think I will. I think I might enjoy taking a ride with him somewhere. I ask him where he is going, but he does not tell me. I tell him he will have to wait a minute because I have to get up and get dressed. He walks out of the room and I start to get up.  

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