Dream of: 02 February 2019 "Buying An Oil Well"

I have bought a piece of land from my father (1932-2016). The lot is on Gallia Street in Portsmouth, Ohio where the old Bob and Floyd's gas station used to sit. This lot also has a gas station on it. As I look over the lot, I am surprised to discover that an oil well is on one side of the lot. The well is only about a third of a meter in diameter. Some kind of contraption is on top of the well. A couple helpful fellows (probably in their 20s) are working at the gas station and they start showing me how to extract the oil. Apparently the oil is only extracted once a month, and today is the day. They hook up a tube to the top of the well. I try to help, but it is complicated, and I do not know what I am doing. Apparently the well is supposed to drip with a constant drip, and at some point I see the gray-tinged black oil dripping.

I wonder where the oil is stored. I think of oil-well jack-pumps in an open field, but I do not remember seeing storage tanks with such pumps. I think the tanks must be buried under ground. I conclude that the oil from this well must also be stored underground here somewhere.

I notice a bit of water in a bucket on top of the well. We pour out the water. Then the oil starts flowing into a tanker truck. I conclude that I will probably gather a barrel of oil per day from the well. I am unsure how much a barrel of oil is worth, but it will be added income. I want to tell my father about this because I do not think he even knows about the well.

He shows up. I quickly realize that he knew about the well all the time, but he had not told me about the well because he had thought that he would be able to keep it. Now, however, he agrees to let me have the oil well. He has a paper to transfer the oil rights. He has already give me a deed to the land, but now he has this extra paper for transfer of the oil.

Apparently he originally bought the land from a woman and she had also given him this paper which transferred the oil rights to him. I think he actually may have unknowingly already transferred the oil rights to me when he gave me the deed, but it does not matter now, because he is going to give me the document which contains the oil rights. I am happy how everything has turned out.

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