Dream of: 27 January 2019 "Unneeded Workers"

I have arrived at my two-story Second Seventh Street House in Portsmouth to do some work. Ray (the brother of my friend Michelle), and Ray's girlfriend Bonnie, as well as their children, are already here. Some other people with children are also here. I do not know why these people think that I want them to work for me, but they are already bustling around the House. Probably 15-20 little children are running around the House. I start counting and I figure that probably ten adults are here. I quickly decided that I am not going to pay all these people. I start calculating and figure I could end up paying $200 an hour for all these people. I am not going to pay out that much money. That would be over $1, 000 to pay out today.

I decide I will pay them $10 apiece for one hour of work just to get rid of them because I did not even ask them to show up here.

A couple more women show up. I ask them what they are doing here, but they do not have an answer. I ask, "Just hanging out?" I make a motion that they need to leave.

Then I notice that 15-20 children have climbed up ladders on the west side of the House. They have climbed up on top of the flat roof, then pulled up the ladders behind them so that the ladders are 4-5 meters off the ground. I am worried that the children may fall off the roof and sue me.

Suddenly the children start sliding right down the side of the House. I have never seen anything like it. Somehow they are able to cling to the wall of the House as they slide down. One girl leaves big streaks down the side of the House where her fingernails apparently dug into the wood. When the children are close to the bottom, they drop the rest of the way down.

Then I notice that my old handy man George is also descedning the side of the House. He falls straight down to the ground flat on his face and just lies there on the ground without moving. I do not go to him even though I am worried that he is injured. Someone finally walks over to him and pushes him over on his side. He seems to be alive, but he has mud all over his face.

I walk around to the other side of the House where there is a big space 4-5 meters wide between my House and the neighborilng house. Now I see that Ray and his crew have hauled in a bunch of ends and pieces of white lumber and stacked it up in this space. The lumber has simply been piled up here in an enormous stack. I do not want this lumber here. I want it out of here. Unfortunately, I think Ray may have already left. Finally I find him and I tell him that he must remove this lumber. He looks at the stack as if he does not know what to do.

I walk out into the alley and find they have also stacked up pieces of raw, brown lumber straight across the alley and blocking the alley. I start thinking that I may have to hire Ray and the others simply to haul all this wood out of here.

A man finally shows up. He is working on the house on the other side of the alley. He looks at the lumber in the alley and I ask him if he wants it. He says he does. So he and some men who are apparently working for him start hauling off the lumber.

This whole scene is just chaos. I think I need to get these people out of here.

I finally see a woman (probably in her late 20s) who has shown up and is standing by a carport in the back yard. She is dressed in white and is pretty. I wonder if she would have sex with me if I offered her something. Maybe even $20, so I could get some release from my tension.

I think, however, that I cannot simply walk up to her and make an offer. That would be solicitation, which is a crime. She is pretty, but I do not do anything about it.

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