Dream of: 22 January 2019 "Russian Spy"

I have received a correspondence from a woman who runs an online dream-group. She has read a dream which I wrote about a Russian spy, and now she wants to know if I want to join her group which apparently is focused on dreaming about Russia. She is the leader of the group, but she lists the names of six or seven other men who are in the group. All the members are trying to dream about the same thing. I think it is interesting that I had a dream which apparently is on the same subject as the members in this group are trying to dream about, and I think I will probably join the group. I think I will write back to the woman and say that I have had "varying levels of success" in working with groups like this. I know that I have worked with dream groups in the past. Sometimes it does not work out at all, but sometimes it works out quite well.

I begin reading one of the dreams which I think one of the members recently had, and I try to piece the dream together in my mind. Reading the dream is difficult and I have a hard time understanding the dream. It covers a couple pages.

Abruptly I realize this dream is actually contained in a thin, little book which seems to contain several dreams. I try to see the date of this particular dream. It looks as if one of the dreams is dated "1981," but I am unsure if that is the date of this dream. Now I realize that this dream must have happened a long time ago since the dream has already been published in a book, and I conclude that this particular dream cannot possibly be one of the current dreams of this group. Now I am puzzled. I am unsure where this little book even came from or if it even has anything to do with this group.

I know there is another dream group online which may be similar to this group. Kelly Matthews (the owner of "Dream Journal" website) goes through my mind since I think Matthews is involved with a group like this. The woman who runs this group even reminds me somewhat of Matthews. I think this woman, like Matthews, is probably around 40 years old and has blonde hair and is pudgy, but I am actually unsure exactly how this woman looks.

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