Dream of: 16 January 2019 "Levitation Demonstration"

I do not have a place to live. I am in a poor section of town with a fellow (probably in his early 20s) with whom I have been hanging out. The fellow and I lie down under a tree and go to sleep. When I awaken, I look around me and say, "So it's come to this." By this, I mean that I have fallen so low that I do not even have a place to stay.

Some apartments and houses are nearby in this poor area of town. Some people come out, look at me, and talk to me. I feel as if I can talk to them, as if I can talk with anybody. After talking with them a bit, I go into a house and lie down in the living room where perhaps a half dozen people are sitting and talking with me.

Suddenly, while I am lying down, I begin levitating up into the air, and I softly moan, "Oooohhhhh." I want to show these people that I am capable of floating. Everyone simply sits and stares at me in awe. In my prone position, I rise about a meter off the ground, then float around the room. I think I will do a mid-air flip, but I have difficulty doing it.

I float toward a woman who is sitting on the couch, and I talk to her a moment. Another fellow sitting on the couch simply cannot believe what he is seeing.

I am not sure why I am floating, except that I want to demonstrate to the others that I have this ability.

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