Dream of: 14 January 2019 "Man With No Hands"

I am in a large comic book store in a city which I am visiting. I have carried into the store a coverless comic book of Dr. Strange. After I sit down in a chair, I discover in the comic a letter apparently written by the editors of the comic. I read the letter for a long time, perhaps an hour or more, until a woman who works in the store walks up and begins talking to me. I realize that I have been sitting here for a long time and that I have been so engrossed in reading the letter which seems to contain a whole world of things to learn. The person who wrote the letter mentions that someone had written him a letter, and I think I myself might write a letter to the man who wrote this letter. Maybe then I will be mentioned by him in a future comic book.

I am thinking of becoming more involved in this particular comic series. I know that this is an old comic and I would like to see if I can find newer comics in the series. I know that new comics are expensive, but I may start buying some new comics anyway.

I finally stand up and walk to another part of the store where I join my sister (around 20 years old). I have a black eye from where my father sucker-punched me in my right eye just before I came into the store. I tell my sister that my father sucker-punched me, and I ask her if she can tell that my eye is black. I have been living with my father, but I tell my sister that I am going to move away. My crippled brother Chris is also living with my father, but I think I am going to take Chris with me when I move because I do not think that my father will take care of Chris. I do not know what will happen to my sister because she is also living with my father. I hate to leave her, but I cannot continue living with my father with his mistreating me the way he does.

My sister and I walk outside. I want to go to another store which is nearby. When we see a small airplane sitting in front of us, we climb into the back. A man (probably in his 50s) is piloting the plane and he starts flying us around. I think that he is going to fly us to the other store, but I finally realize that I do not know where we are going. When we finally land at an apartment complex, I begin to wonder what I will have to pay for the plane ride. The pilot climbs out of the plane and walks into the building.

Now I simply seem to be imagining that all this is happening. I am involved in the event, but I seem to be imagining everything as it continues. I watch the pilot walk into an apartment and I see a man sitting there with his hands cut off and wearing bandages on the stumps. Now I begin imagining a whole story about what is taking place, and I imagine that the pilot has kidnapped my sister and me. I look into one room where I see piles of junk like a hoarder's room. I think the pilot may have other people in this house whom he has captured the way he has captured my sister and me. Realizing that the pilot cuts off the limbs of people, I know that my sister and I must leave immediately. I think maybe I can distract the man and tell my sister to run, but I start thinking maybe the man has constructed the doors so they cannot be opened from the inside. Maybe the glass is not real glass, but Plexiglas which cannot be broken. I become more terrified as I continue to imagine being trapped in this house with no way to escape. I try to figure out how in the world we can leave this place.

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