Dream of: 10 January 2019 (2) "Running Horses"

I am living in a cottage in the forest. Two or three people have come to visit me and we are outside the cottage. Right in front of the house is a big cliff. When one fellow (only about 20 years old) walks over close to the edge of the cliff, I am afraid that he might fall off.

I end up sitting in a tree in some branches which are hanging over the cliff. I can look down and see the bottom of the cliff is a long way down. If someone fell from this great height, the person would probably die. I continue to worry that the other fellow may fall.

I think I may cut the grass. I climb out of the tree and walk around behind the house. I only recently moved here and I have not even looked out back yet. I see many trees and a rocky fence-line which apparently separates this property from the neighbor's. I am thinking of cutting the grass back here, but I see that I will first have to clean up some of the branches lying on the ground. I see a brown horse on the other side of the fence-line. He has a saddle on its back and a bit in its mouth. I feel sorry for the horse because I think someone may have forgotten to take the saddle off the horse. A second horse which is likewise wearing a saddle steps up.

I notice a couple beds back here on my side of the fence-line. Finally, a third horse walks up, but this horse has a woman on its back. She does not see me in the spot where I am sitting. When I say something to her, she looks at me and seems somewhat surprised to see me.

I think I can see a big house where I assume the woman lives on the other side of the fence-line. She is probably about 40 years old. Off to my left is a hill. Four or five horses without saddles run up the side of the hill. I tell the woman that her horses are getting away, but she does not pay any attention to me. I then notice a tall, red-brick building - perhaps 20 stories tall - nestled toward the top of the hill. I had never noticed the building before. I ask the woman about the building and she says that it is an apartment building,

I notice that a couple people have climbed into the beds back here. They look like children and I wonder if they belong to the woman. I think they may be accustomed to sleeping back here. I am still not positive if this particular land belongs to me, but I think it does. I can see that the grass on the other side of the fence-line has been cut, but the grass on this side has not been cut.

The woman rides away and I continue looking at the huge building on the hill. I like the looks of this building and I think that I could come back here sometimes and simply stare at that building.

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