Dream of: 10 January 2019 "34448"

I am with a man who is part of a large religious group which is trying to convert me. For some reason, I have been hanging out with him. He is a tall man who is probably around 50 years old. The group is going to have a meeting today, and the man wants me to go to the meeting.

I go with the man to the building where the group is meeting and I stand outside. I am thinking about the group and I am trying to understand what they believe in. I am unsure they believe in things like "hell." I do not know what they believe.

Suddenly, however, I realize the people in this group are Mormons. This is a group of Mormons! I reflect that I do not know much about Mormons, but I abruptly recall that Mormons believe in Jesus Christ. I think of Mormonism as an extension of the belief in Christ. Mormons simply add different aspects to Christ. If I wanted to understand Mormonism, I would simply begin with what I know about Christ, then add the Mormon beliefs on top of that. Mormonism, however, does not seem particularly appealing to me and I do not want to become involved in it. I have simply been going along with this fellow, and now I cannot seem to get rid of him.

Finally, however, I am able to shake the man. He walks into the building and leaves me outside. I know that the man had expected me to go into the building, and for some reason, I feel obligated to the man, but I really do not want to attend the meeting which is going to last for a half hour or an hour. Nevertheless, I finally walk into the building which is round with bleachers around a central stage. The place is crowded with people. I start leaving at the same time that other people are leaving. I descend some stairs on a little path through the people on the stairs until I am outside.

I think my friend Michelle is also supposed to be here at the meeting, but I think she is also going to try to duck out. I would like to contact her. I realize that I have a phone and that I can call Michelle. I dial the number "34448." A female voice answers, but she does not sound like Michelle. I ask her who she is and she says, "This is Wendy."

I think Wendy is a friend of Michelle's. I have never actually met her, but I have an idea of who she is. I think perhaps I can go to wherever Wendy is, and then Michelle will show up. I do not know why Wendy answered the phone, but I think that maybe I dialed the wrong number and that the number that Michelle actually gave me was "3448." I persist in thinking that I will probably go to where Wendy is and perhaps Michelle will show up there.

 I see that people who had been inside are now sitting along the sidewalk outside, but I cannot see their faces. I wonder if Michelle might be among them and if I just have not seen her.

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