Dream of: 08 January 2019 (2) "Delicious Spaghetti"

 I have been living with my family in the House in Patriot, Ohio (the home of my maternal grandparents when I was a child). Since my mother has not been cooking much lately, I decide to make a big plate of spaghetti for myself. I cook the spaghetti, ladle it into a plate, and put cheese on top. It also has red sauce on it. Since spaghetti is still left in the pan, I put about half as much spaghetti into a second plate. I also put cheese on the spaghetti in the second plate. It also has red sauce. I start eating my spaghetti.

My father (around 50 years old) sits down on the side of the table on my right and before I know it, he starts eating the spaghetti in the second plate. My father has a look of ecstasy on his face as if the spaghetti is absolutely delicious.

After he eats about half of the spaghetti on his plate, my sister (around 20 years old) stands up from where she has been sitting at the other side of the table straight across from me, walks over to my father, and starts eating some of the spaghetti on his plate. When she eats some of it without cheese, I think she should try it with cheese.

I think I might cook for them again, maybe tomorrow. I may start preparing some meals for them. I also think it would be good if we had something green to eat. Fresh greens would be best, but greens from a can will suffice.

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